Temporary employment

Are you looking for temporary employees, for the short term or a longer period? Is one of your employees ill and you would like to find someone to temporarily take over their role? Or does your organization do work that is seasonal in nature? All organizations will recognize at least one of these scenarios, in which case a temporary employee found through Active Personeelsdiensten might be just the answer!

Advantages of temporary employment

By using Active Personeelsdiensten’s temporary employees, you can create a flexible pool of labour in your organization that can be deployed as required. Active Personeelsdiensten will take care of the recruitment and selection process for you. Naturally, we do so in close consultation with you. You have no employer's obligations or financial risks in the event of illness, as temporary employees are on our payroll. We assure you of a flexible pool of labour which allows you to get back to running your business. And that's what every entrepreneur wants.

International temporary employees

Need international temporary employees? Active arranges international temporary employees for you and even goes a step further: we also take care of all the paperwork, accommodation, insurance, and tax. Communication is not a problem for us as we employ people who speak excellent Polish, German, or English for example. They will give both you and the temporary employees advice and assistance.

Temporary employment: no cure no pay

With Active Personeelsdiensten, you pay for each hour the temporary employees have worked, no more and no less. We make clear agreements in advance so that you always know where you stand. If you are not satisfied with a candidate, you can terminate the arrangement free of charge on the first day. 
That is our no cure no pay guarantee!

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