Recruitment and selection

Active Personeelsdiensten can help you find qualified personnel for your company. If the process of recruitment costs you too much time and therefore money, you are not alone! Small business owners increasingly opt to outsource their recruitment and selection procedures, and for good reason! It is becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified people to fill certain roles within the company culture. We will find the right candidate for you, whatever the industry or role. If you are looking for technical, administrative, commercial, or production workers, Active Personeelsdiensten will find the right candidate for you!

Benefits of recruitment and selection

These days, posting an advertisement on the internet or in the newspaper is not enough to get the right person for the right role. Active Personeelsdiensten has the know-how and the network to find the right candidate for you. When you outsource your recruitment and selection process to us, we go beyond simply delivering the candidates. We also arrange their placement within your organization and, if you opt for temporary employment or secondment, we will take care of their temporary employment or secondment agreement with us.

This relieves you of a burden, allowing you to get back to doing business!

Recruitment and selection: finding a successful match 

Active Personeelsdiensten has a small and close-knit team that keeps its communication lines direct and short, which makes things even easier for you. When you start a recruitment and selection process with us, we start with an inventory interview with you. We are not only interested in what kind of company you have, but also your company culture and how the company is structured. Naturally, we will also discuss the vacancy. Based on this interview, we will draw up a profile for a successful recruitment and selection process.
The vacancy will be promoted both offline and online. Over the years, Active Personeelsdiensten has built up an extensive network in the region. We also have a database of potential candidates, which enables us to make the right match for you. We will invite suitable candidates for a face-to-face interview, during which we will keep the aforementioned profile and company culture in mind. Active Personeelsdiensten works with you in pursuit of a successful match!


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